Arcus is our new client/server collaboration project for BurpSuite. Arcus allows you to send data back and forth between one or more instances of BurpSuite. You can do the following things.

  1. Send one or many HTTP Requests to another user running BurpSuite.
  2. Send confirmed scan issues to another instance of BurpSuite.
  3. Send your Sitemap to another instance of BurpSuite.
You can send to other Online user’s of your team or send these items to another instance of BurpSuite you’re logging into on another machine.
Below are a few examples. Notice in the next screenshot that you have a listing of online users that you can send different requests to. The Client shows who is currently online so that they can take the data that you want to send to them. This first example lets you select several items from your site map and send it to another user.
The next example demonstrates how to send your current repeater tab to another user. You can also set a Title for the tab that will display in the other user’s repeater.
If your running BurpSuite Pro then you can send Scan Issues directly to another user.